City experience but with a Bundaberg local, laid back vibe.


As a locally owned family business we wanted to bring our passion for providing award winning local and national food and beverages to Bundaberg. We love the relaxed lifestyle here and have enjoyed it for the past 7 years whilst living in Bargara. Our kids love attending school here and enjoy many of the extra-curricular activities offered by the local community.


Our team is made up of local people who also enjoy the lifestyle that Bundaberg has to offer, indeed many of them have grown up here. Our experienced staff have the same passion for good food that we do and have gathered experience from all over, nationally. We also like to employ and train young people from local schools, just starting out in their working careers.

Supporting local suppliers

Our goal is to use local suppliers for our fresh foods including local butchers, grocers, bakeries and, of course, the world famous Bundaberg drink companies. We are one of the larger users of fresh fruit and vegetables locally, including avocado, chilli, pineapples, strawberries and mangoes, we enjoy a great relationship with the local growers/farmers and suppliers of this produce.

Our aim is to use local produce whenever and wherever possible in all our products. Let us know if you would like to provide your products to our customers.




City Elements is open 7 day’s and 3 nights a week for your enjoyment. We provide a City experience in the heart of Bundaberg. Somewhere you can enjoy a great variety of food and drinks that you would normally only find in a metropolitan location.

We provide a relaxed, trendy and stylish venue which is located within an historic Bundaberg building, within this we offer a great atmosphere which has a cool vibe where you will love to catch up with friends, colleagues or just enjoy a great night out.

We want you to have fun, enjoy your experience and most of all come back and see us again and again.

Contact us

If you would like more information about us, our team, or have any questions, please call us on 07 4154 1200 or contact us.

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